"Cristina had a unique way of helping her clients with their pain issues. Her caring demeanor and heartfelt desire to help her clients makes for a welcoming experience. Cristina has a thorough understanding of the body, from the perspective of both a massage therapist and an acupuncturist. The treatment I received provided instant relief from my pain. I highly recommend a session for those with chronic or acute issues."
Heidi L.

"The Colorado Art of Acupuncture offers an outstanding healing environment. Whether you are looking for pain relief or general well being, Crissy provides years of experience as a healing practitioner. Well versed in Chinese medicine, massage therapy, and stretching techniques and more, Crissy has true healing hands."

Larry R.

"I know what a lot of you are thinking... go and sit while someone puts needles in me.. oh hell no. I was there until I tried it the first time. The benefits are great. I have use this to assist in smoking sensation, relaxation and believe it or not the common cold all with great results. So, go and check her out, you do not have to be trans to see her, but if you are in the LGBTQ spectrum you will be very comfortable here."

Rachel D.

"I have a needle phobia, but when I was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes I contacted Crissy about acupuncture. I wondered if it could help me. Crissy assured me that she could help. She is gentle with the needles, most I don't even notice. My diabetes, in 3 months, has gotten a lot better and I know part of it is because of the work Crissy is doing for me."

Christine G.

“Cristina is a real professional. In whatever treatment she is doing with me I can tell I am in the hands of an expert. I get neck pain regularly but after Cristina works on me it’s always greatly relieved. I can put myself in her hands and have confidence that whatever she does is going to make me feel better.”

Jennifer M.