Queer Dance Project

This is the start of something new, I am excited to be developing and will soon offer a safe LGBTQIA dance learning space, this includes SOFFA (significant others, friends, family, allies). Offering regular small groups and personalized, in person or on zoom, ballet, jazz, ballroom, and hip-hop classes.  I will be reaching out to the lgbtqia community these next few months to develop a network of like minded queer dancer and instructors.  Presently in July I will be releasing a number of videos as a ice breakers. 

This dream came to me early in my transition knowing that their was no place for the transgender and or gender expansive queer community to learn dance.   This dream will take time to completely develop that is why it is called a “project.”  During these pressing and difficult times I am hoping to create and develop a wonderful queer dance learning space here in the greater Denver area.

If you are interested, need rates and or would like to schedule a zoom interview please reach out to me at 720-515-5058 or info@coloartofacupuncture.com


Cristina Michaels:

Excerpt from “Our Gathering” 2019

I grew-up upon this soil and always feel a need to recognize this land that we stand once belonged to the Arapahoe, Cherokee, Ute tribes – Families lost. Their Holocaust at our/white cost. I always tread lightly knowing I walk on the foils of colonized soil